Patriot Academy: An "A" Rated Queen Creek School

Patriot Academy is a K-8 charter school with a 14 year tradition of excellence and high-standards. In 2015 we were again honored with the highest possible rating from the state of Arizona: an "A".  We are so proud of our hardworking students and our dedicated faculty and staff.


Patriot Academy outranked 90% of Arizona schools in 2015.  In fact, academically we outperformed every school in Pinal County!  




Education at Patriot Academy Nurtures the Whole Child

*Individualized Education Tailored for Your Unique Child

*Small, Safe, Secure Campus

*Fun, Family-friendly Atmosphere

Our students enjoy a lasting friendships and strong camaraderie.
Our students work collaboratively on engaging hands-on projects.

Individual Attention Based on Each Child's Unique Needs

Our research-based curriculum is carefully chosen for its emphasis on basic skills and the classics of children's literature.  Our 1:17 staff/student ratio allows our students to progress through the curriculum at an individualized pace based on continual assessment and observation. Students work together with teachers and parents to set learning goals and grades are based upon the student's progress toward those goals.  Our students learn to succeed one step at a time.


Older students enjoy quarterly reward trips.

Safe, Caring, Encouraging

Small class sizes and high expectations ensure that Patriot Academy maintains a bully-free campus.  Bullying is simply not tolerated.  Our students learn to develop and maintain positive peer relationships and leadership skills through PE, Life Skills, and Character Education.  Older students are expected to be leaders on campus and have multiple opportunities to serve as mentors and to perform essential functions in the school community as well as to serve as models of respectful, responsible behavior.  Our discipline models, as much as possible, reflect the system of rewards and consequences in the larger world.  Students who meet expectations enjoy opportunities and privileges that motivate them to continue their hard work. 



Patriot Academy students perform two musical theater productions each year.

Fun, Family-friendly Atmosphere 

Academics are only the beginning of a well-rounded education.  Students at Patriot Academy also participate in Music, Drama, and Dance. Through these classes students develop confidence, creativity, and public speaking skills that lead to success in any field. All of our students participate in two musical theater productions each school year.  Patriot Academy also offers Intramural Sports, PE, Recess, Art Fair, Book Fair, field trips, and other fun activities.  Our Students LOVE coming to school.


All of this is made possible through...

Our teachers encourage students to strive for excellence.

Passionate Commited Faculty

Faculty at Patriot Academy share a passion for teaching and learning, and a commitment to creating a supportive learning environment that is challenging, collaborative and engaging. We adapt our teaching methods to the individual learning styles of our students. Our individualized learning and bully-free classrooms make it possible for our students to explore the world around us in a safe, encouraging environment.

Meet our Staff