Dress Code

Patriot Academy students wear school uniforms to promote school spirit, a sense of unity and community, self-respect, and an atmosphere of modesty and "professionalism".  In order to meet these goals, our required uniform has been designed to be simple, readily available, and inexpensive. 


Below you will find examples of all permitted uniform items.  See the detailed dress code from our handbook here.


Basic Uniforms

Students may wear shorts, skorts, capris, or pants.  All shorts and skorts must be Knee Length.

Skirts, shorts, and skorts should be knee-length and made of woven khaki material.  

Polos may be any solid color.  They may be pique or interlock, but they should be a traditional cotton knit.

Shirts should be long enough to cover the midriff during normal activity.

Cold Weather Uniforms

Solid-colored crewneck sweatshirts worn over a polo are an inexpensive way to keep warm indoors.

Patriot Academy Spirit Sweatshirts can be worn over a polo any day of the week. Sweatshirts can be ordered through the office.

Cardigan sweaters look great over a polo.

Cardigans should be of traditional length and style.

Long-sleeve, solid-colored undershirts in a cotton interlock are another great way to keep warm.

Friday Spirit Shirts

On Fridays students may wear their spirit shirts with jeans or denim shorts.  Spirit shirts are available to order in the office during the first week of school.

Why are uniforms important?

According the ERIC Digest on Educational Management, "Potential benefits attributed to school uniforms include improved discipline, increased respect for teachers, increased school attendance, fewer distractions, improved academic performance, increased self-esteem and confidence, lower overall clothing costs, promotion of group spirit, reduction in social stratification and fashion statements, improved classroom behavior, lower rates of school crime and violence, and easy identification of nonstudents (Brown)." 


See also, the Department of Education's Manual on School Uniforms.