The History of Our School


Founding--Patriot Academy began with 8 students in 2 suites at San Tan Center.



Expanded into 2 additional classrooms at San Tan Center



Purchase of land at 19023 E. San Tan Boulevard



Construction of current buildings at 19023 E. San Tan Boulevard completed



Construction of additional classrooms at current site commencing


About Us

Patriot Academy is a public (not-for-profit 501c3, LLC) charter school providing back-to-basics educational services to K-8th grade students who have not achieved academic success in the traditional district school environment, or who are seeking a more individualized and challenging education.

Patriot Academy meets the needs and concerns of parents and the community through staff accountability for student achievement, a challenging, individualized academic program, high standards of behavior and character, and diverse arts, fitness, and technology programs.  

It is the belief of the management team that all elementary students, regardless of academic ability, deserve the opportunity be challenged and to succeed in the same academic courses as his/her peer group. Patriot Academy offers a focus on the basic skills while balancing the educational experiences of the whole child. Patriot Academy's basics curriculum, in concert with a technology, proven instructional methodologies, accountability of student achievement through testing and assessments, physical education, practical life, and fine arts experiences ensure all students successfully master the basic skills that are the foundation of a successful education.

The Patriot Academy mission, vision, curriculum, and instructional practices have been developed through focus groups conducted with educators, parents, students and community members.  

Mission Statement


Patriot Academy is an ongoing leader in providing back to basics education to elementary students in grades K-8 in Queen Creek, Arizona. Patriot Academy provides a learning environment that improves student achievement with an emphasis on the basic skills. Patriot Academy’s staff is committed to the education of the whole child. Our purpose is to provide educational opportunities and experiences to teach and reinforce the basic skills, instill respect for self and others, build strong character traits, and equip students with the necessary skills to be successful adults and citizens.


  1. Improve student learning and achievement.
  2. Hold the staff accountable for student achievement and success in obtaining and mastering the basic skills.
  3. Have students demonstrate successful achievement in the core academic subjects and basic skills.
  4. Develop strong, positive character traits in student behavior.
  5. Provide a safe, disciplined and drug-free learning environment.